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Adult site offers six-figure job to Paul Pierce


Former NBA World Champion Paul Pierce and ESPN reportedly split this week after the basketball analyst shared a video of himself with exotic dancers on Instagram Live. The video was shared widely across all social media platforms, prompting the former NBA Finals MVP and ESPN to sever ties.

However, Pierce’s unemployment may not last very long. A adult site offered Pierce a job which could be worth up to $ 250,000.

According to Jorge Alonso, adult site CamSoda offered Pierce the opportunity to live stream an NBA show with exotic dancers.

The offer letter read: “Dear Paul Pierce, I saw the news that you broke up with ESPN after posting a video on social media of yourself with exotic dancers. Since you are now unemployed, I would like to offer you a job at CamSoda as our very first “NBA Analyst”. As an NBA Analyst, you will need to stream live on our platform every night of the week and discuss events around the NBA. Inside the NBA be damned. At CamSoda, we stand up for exotic dancers, cam girls and sex workers. We would be more than happy to accommodate your fondness for women and you would be free to stream with them as they twerk in the background and more. We would be prepared to make you an offer of up to $ 250,000.

Since the end of his playing career in 2017, Pierce has worked as an on-air analyst for ESPN. Pierce, a 10-time NBA All Star, has become known for delivering some weird and pretty hot takes and certainly offers entertainment value.

Michael McCarthy from Front Office Sports reported on Monday that Pierce and ESPN have “gone their separate ways” after posting the video of himself with exotic dancers on his Instagram account.

“ESPN and NBA Legend Paul Pierce went their separate ways, sources say, “McCarthy wrote on Twitter. “Pierce posted videos of himself with exotic dancers on Instagram Live on Friday night. Pierce has played a key role in ‘NBA Countdown’ + other ESPN basketball programs. ESPN declined to comment.”

Pierce had not released an official statement or commented on the matter to reporters early Monday evening. He appeared to offer a reaction to the decision via Twitter, however, and hinted at an impending landing point.

Pierce has played 15 of his 19 NBA seasons with the Boston Celtics and has averaged 19.7 points on 45% shots for his career. He was the 10th pick in the 1998 NBA Draft in Kansas and also played for the Brooklyn Nets, Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Clippers at the end of his career. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame recently named Pierce as one of 14 finalists in his 2021 class, and he looks like a solid bet to be inducted into the Hall of Fame’s first round.

“Just to be recognized – if I am successful – just to be recognized forever in the basketball lore,” Pierce said on ESPN’s “The Jump”. via Boston.com. “When I’m long gone, I always said, listen, the Hall of Fame is forever, and having my number hanging in Boston Garden is forever. So it’s a real honor if that were to happen. I am blessed to have been able to devote time to my profession.

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“… This is the last stop,” Pierce added. “I don’t know if that was the goal, but I just think that with all the hard work and [perseverance], it ended like that. You set goals, work as hard as you can, and see where you stand.

Robbie Weinstein and Alex Seats of 247Sports contributed to this story

‘Out of office’: AI webcam raises remote monitoring issues | Work at home


For anyone who worries that the age of working from home will also become the age of remote surveillance, the training video for Teleperformance’s internal webcam security system called TP Observer is a dream come true.

Explained by “Anna”, an avatar sitting at the desk with an artificial voice, the video features TP Observer as “a risk mitigation tool that monitors and tracks employee behavior in real time and detects any violation of pre-defined business rules.” .

Anna explains that this means homeworkers will have an AI-enabled webcam added to their computers that recognizes their face, marks their location, and checks for rule “violations” at random times during a shift.

These include “unknown person” detected in the office via facial recognition software, “out of office”, “inactive user detection” and “unauthorized use of mobile phone”.

Anna says, “Any violation detected by the AI ​​triggers a real-time alert to the supervisor for further actions. This means that a photo is taken and sent to a manager.

The video includes a series of avatar-staff asking questions, including one asking if the system is “invading my privacy at home.” The manager tells him the analysis is needed to “help us mitigate risk and keep data secure, which is required by most of our customers.”

Another digital employee asks if he’ll be in trouble if children or other family members approach their home workplace. Not “until people in the background are looking directly at, or very close to, the screen.” Anna answers. Staff should sit with a wall behind them “to avoid such violations,” she said. Strong lights should be used for night shifts so that the camera can see properly.

Teleperformance said the system would not be used for UK staff, but would have to be used in a number of more than 30 other countries where the France-based multinational operates and where labor laws are less stringent.

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Adult streaming site MyFreeCams stole two million user records


Users of the popular adult streaming site MyFreeCams could be at risk of online attacks as a database containing the site’s users’ data is now sold on a popular hacking forum.

As reported by CyberNews, data was exfiltrated from the company’s servers in December following a successful SQL injection attack. The database itself contains the user records of 2 million MyFreeCams Premium members, including their usernames, email addresses, MyFreeCams token amounts (MFC tokens), and plain text passwords.

The author of the article on the hacker forum is now selling the data stolen in the attack in 10,000 blocks of user records for the price of $ 1,500 in bitcoin. However, they claim that other cybercriminals could easily earn at least $ 10,000 from a single batch of user records by selling premium accounts with MFC token balances on the black market.

After discovering that the database user records were being sold online, CyberNews contacted MyFreeCams and the company immediately notified affected users and reset their passwords.

MyFreeCams Database

Based on samples seen by CyberNews, media security researchers believe the stolen data contains usernames, email addresses, plain-text passwords, and MFC token balances.

User records from the adult streaming site appear to be in high demand by cybercriminals as the forum post author’s bitcoin wallet has a balance of around $ 21,600. This means that at least 14 data sets of 100,000 MyFreeCams users have already been purchased.

This data could be used to blackmail site users, commit credential jamming attacks, launch targeted phishing attacks, and spam victims’ emails. Fortunately, the database does not contain any sensitive information or financial data such as credit card numbers or passport IDs. However, stolen email addresses and plain text passwords may be enough to take over victims’ other accounts if they use the same credentials on multiple online services.

Senior information security researcher Mantas Sasnauskas provided additional information on the implications of the MyFreeCams data breach in a statement, saying:

“When leaks like this happen, the dangers don’t lie just in hacked accounts and passwords or stolen virtual currencies. Such breaches raise serious privacy concerns: most users of websites like MyFreeCams would definitely prefer to remain anonymous, but now their email addresses can be used to flag them as members of the cam site. It is not hard to imagine the implications if this information were used maliciously. For example, to extort and blackmail people into paying, divulge their user information on the website, or even just reveal the fact that they frequent the website to family, employers, or the general public. public.

MyFreeCams users should reset their passwords immediately and consider using a password manager to generate unique, strong and complex passwords to further secure their online accounts.

Going through CyberNews

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Adult bald eagle spotted near Ontario airport, a treat for bird watchers – Daily bulletin


Retired Ontario Police Officer Kevin Nelson was looking for red-tailed hawks to photograph. As he swiveled his camera towards the sky, the focus was much more dramatic.

“When I looked up I saw this bald eagle in a pine tree,” he said.

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The magnificent bird, with a brown-black feathered body, iconic head with white plumage and a pointed yellow beak, was perched on a branch next to an industrial warehouse just east of the international airport runway of Ontario, near the corner of East La Salle Street and South Carnegie Avenue.

“I’ve been taking pictures of birds in this area for 15 years, I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Nelson, 55.

The Pomona Valley Audubon Society has been surveying bird species in fields near the airport for at least four years. Never has a bald eagle been included in the local bird count, said Suzanne Thompson, longtime fellow and professor emeritus of psychology at Pomona College in Claremont.

In fact, the empty fields east of Haven Avenue where Nelson came to take pictures of birds on New Year’s Eve contain one of the last nesting grounds of the burrowing owl, a species of bird. worrying that is disappearing from the area, which Nelson photographed 10 years ago, he said.

An adult bald eagle takes flight from a branch of a pine tree near the Ontario International Airport just southeast of the runway on December 31, 2020 (Photo by Kevin Nelson)

“It’s a bald eagle. You can’t dispute that, ”Thompson said on Wednesday, Jan.6, after seeing one of Nelson’s photos.

What is most likely the same bird caught the attention of Isaac Guerrero, 27, of Covina, who was having lunch in his car in the parking lot of the East La Salle Street warehouse. Guerrero saw the bald eagle on the same pine tree on December 22 and again on January 4, he said.

“He was there looking around for five minutes and took off,” Guerrero said. “I thought it was pretty cool.” Each time, he said, the bird flew east.

A bald eagle appearing near the southern border of the burrowing owl site is intriguing, although southern California bald eagles are not uncommon and no longer listed as an endangered species.

Bald eagles generally live near bodies of water. They hunt fish and waterfowl, Thompson said. “It’s very unusual for an eagle to be there.”

Bald eagles have been found living near Silverwood Lake, Hemet Lake, Perris Lake, Prado Dam, in the mountains of North Orange County and most famous in the trees surrounding Big Bear Lake. There, a still video camera pointed at a nest for several years gives thousands of people a free view of two eagle parents, their eggs, births and even the death of eagle chicks. The 12 to 15 bald eagles in the Big Bear area remained stable, forcing authorities to cancel the seasonal bald eagle counts.

In 2016, a pair of bald eagles have been spotted nesting in a tree at the edge of the San Gabriel Reservoir in the Angeles National Forest north of Azusa, what experts have called the first breeding pair of American national birds in Los Angeles County.

But never in a field or warehouse parking lot in Ontario, experts say. So how did one (or is it two?) Come to this? And where was the raptor headed?

The experts don’t know. These birds were not banded, did not have radio collars, so they are free to fly and roam the countryside unhindered, without Big Brother looking at them.

Kim Boss, a wildlife biologist at the San Bernardino National Forest, guessed that the eagle seen by Nelson may have come a long way from Oregon or Washington and was just resting.

Graphic file

Or the eagle could have flown from the nest at Big Bear, perhaps in search of food. They are occasionally known to eat rodents. While foraging, adult bald eagles can fly 100 miles a day and return to the nest, Boss said.

A female banded bald eagle – codenamed KO-2 – flew to Oregon and then to the Channel Islands from Lake Hemet, Boss said.

Nelson said he took photos using his D50 cannon with a 300m aim for a few minutes until the bird left the branch and flew off to the hills of Jurupa.

Perhaps the national bird of the United States on December 31 was saying goodbye to 2020, a most horrific year, signaling better things to come for our nation.

Or it simply spread its wings – at about 90 inches – the largest wingspan of any raptor.

Play-Doh for adults; stores that ship


NEW YORK – The pandemic makes this a holiday shopping season like no other.

Toy companies are targeting adults stuck at home with play-dohs and latte-smelling Legos that turn into Warhols. Those who added a puppy to their family during the pandemic will see tons of gift options for their new furry friend. And with more and more people shopping online, stores are acting as shipping hubs to try to get gifts home as quickly as possible.

Here’s what to expect:

Adult Toys

Children aren’t the only ones who need to have fun. Toy companies are targeting bored adults stuck at home during the pandemic. Need something to stir up at your next Zoom meeting? Hasbro is offering new varieties of moldable Play-Doh that smell like things adults would recognize: lattes, fresh cut grass, and smoked meats.

Lego, meanwhile, wants adults to put on their headphones and “forget the rest of the world” while turning the plastic pieces in their new kits into hanging art, like Andy Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe portraits.

Marissa DiBartolo, editor of toy review site The Toy Insider, says she’s seen more coloring books and challenging puzzles designed for adults.

From Youtube to the toy store

Paw Patrol dogs had better watch their tails. YouTube stars with millions of viewers make their way to the Toy Alley, a place where TV cartoon characters reigned supreme.

That’s because kids spend so much time watching YouTube instead of cable TV, says DiBartolo. This made the stars of the video streaming site just as recognizable as those of Nickelodeon.

Figures of Blippi, a man who wears orange suspenders and hosts educational kids videos on YouTube, are sold at Target and Amazon. At Walmart, toys featuring Ryan Kaji, a kid who reviews toys on his Ryan’s World YouTube channel, have been popular sellers. Toy company VTech is playing on the trend in another way, selling a KidiZoom Creator camera that features a green screen so kids can add special effects and pretend to be YouTube influencers themselves.

And if you need another sign of the heights of YouTube stars, a 13-meter-tall balloon based on Ryan’s World’s Kaji will appear in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade this year, floating next to the TV. icons like SpongeBob SquarePants and, yes, Chase from “Paw Patrol”.

Stores as dispatch centers

Retailers including Walmart and Best Buy, which previously used their locations as hubs to ship e-commerce orders, are now coming up with new strategies to be even faster. These measures come as they face a holiday crisis that is expected to tax transport networks and likely lead to delivery delays.

Walmart launched a special vacation program this week. Some of its online orders are fulfilled directly from stores using delivery services like Postmates and DoorDash instead of carriers like FedEx or UPS. The goal is to ensure that customers can receive their orders quickly, even the same day.

Meanwhile, Best Buy says 340 of its stores are specifically designated to handle a higher volume of online orders, although all of its stores ship e-commerce packages. Its objective: to have the 340 stores ship more than 70% of its ship-from-store units during the holiday quarter.

And then, many small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly turning to operators of micro-warehouses – mini-shipping centers located in urban areas – to help pack and deliver goods. Ben Jones is the CEO and founder of Ohi, which operates five micro-warehouses for various brands like Olipop Sparkling Tonic, or provides software to third parties at 115 sites for e-commerce execution across the United States. He says he’s seen more brands using his software as many are unable to guarantee delivery by Christmas via standard shipping if items are ordered after the first week of December.

Gifts for the dog

More people have adopted puppies and kittens during the pandemic, and stores are rushing to cash. Petco sells matching pajamas for dogs and their humans with snowflakes and Christmas trees. And Chewy, the online pet store, is getting more and more personal, writing animal names on bandanas, bowls or beds.

Consulting firm Deloitte expects half of shoppers to spend some of their money on pet treats and other supplies this holiday season.

Forget about impulse buying

It’s not just the frenzied crowds that will be missing this holiday season. The same goes for impulse shopping – the practice of adding extra items like toys or bath balms as shoppers walk in and out of aisles.

Typically, 25% of holiday purchases are impulse-based, according to Marshal Cohen, senior industry advisor at NPD Group, a market research company. This year, Cohen said he expects that figure to drop to around 10% as shoppers dramatically change their online purchases to avoid physical stores. And when they hit the stores, customers will be shopping for a purpose, picking up the things they need while trying to minimize their exposure to COVID-19.

“Impulse shopping is the icing on the cake,” Cohen said. “It’s the difference between a successful, profitable vacation and a ho hum vacation.”

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How NBA Players Using an Adult Webcam Site Could Help Protect Bubble


With the NBA season set to resume on Thursday, it’s more important than ever to protect the league bubble. So far, the NBA has managed to keep the coronavirus out of its bubble at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, with no player tested positive for the second consecutive week. But we are still less than a month away from this unprecedented endeavor. The resumption of the regular season is supposed to last until August 14, and then it’s the playoffs. The NBA Finals are scheduled to start on September 30.

It’s a long time to stay disciplined, and as we saw recently with goalkeeper Lou Williams going out to pick up chicken wings in a strip club, temptation is everywhere. During the first weeks of the bubble’s life, players were apparently able to entertain themselves with fishing trips and other activities on campus. They even created their own Twitter account, @NBABBubbleLife. But with visitors banned from freely entering and exiting the resort, there are never enough in-room entertainment options. This is where Cams.com comes in.

Earlier this month, Cams.com publicly extended a free VIP membership offer to NBA players inside the bubble. Unsurprisingly, the the adult film industry has exploded During the initial coronavirus lockdowns, Pornhub saw its traffic increase in April to 22% from the previous month. The New York Department of Health, in its guide to residents on how to practice safe sex during the pandemic, says that each person is their own safest sexual partner. Fortunately, the coronavirus cannot be spread virtually.

Gunner Taylor, director of development strategy for Cams.com, says he hopes coronavirus lockdowns have erased some of the stigma surrounding pornography. “There are probably a lot of awkward conversations that have taken place between spouses or boyfriends and girlfriends. I think it’s great that people are having this conversation, ”he says. “I think the stigma on porn should be erased. I think if people could just talk about their porn use with their second other person and treat it the same as any other topic in life or your relationship, I think things would be much easier for them. couples in nationwide relationships.

Initially, Taylor says he was worried about expanding the offer to NBA players because he didn’t think it was appropriate to offer free services to millionaires during a global pandemic. But he was convinced of the contrary. Overall, the public has been sensitive to the risks that athletes are taking at this time.

“I was definitely wrong,” he says. “I think it has to do with people feeling more empathetic that these guys are multimillionaires and have to get into that bubble to cut themselves off from the rest of the world so they can perform and play. I guess people are like, “Hey, they’ve got to sacrifice themselves again. “

Players have been lauding the bubble so far, although it’s interesting to note stars such as James lebron and Damien lillard jokingly called it a “prison sentence.” Many NBA players used their time in the bubble to raise awareness for social justice causes, Seeking justice for the death of Breonna Taylor and poke fun at systemic racism. Players will also wear social justice slogans on the back of their jerseys.

But still, it’s inevitable that players, most of whom are in their 20s, will crave privacy at some point. Taylor says there has been some interest in the company’s offering, but no players have signed up – yet.

“I don’t mean to say it’s a genius idea, but they need some kind of outlet while they’re in the sex bubble,” he says. “If it’s not about being physically with another person, a camera model is the best thing to do.”

The NBA offered “free” services through an adult webcam site during the NBA restart in Orlando


The NBA is scheduled to return on July 30 to the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Since no fans will be attending matches as a precaution against the current COVID-19 crisis, the league is working to improve the live streaming experience for fans. As an added precaution in the NBA Bubble, families and other guests will not be allowed to travel with NBA stars.

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NBA bubble: Cams cam site makes official offer to NBA for NBA restart

With Walt Disney World hosting the NBA reboot throughout the playoffs, the NBA Finals will end in October. While the NBA Bubble promises entertainment and recreation for the games, players will not be allowed to invite people to visit them and this includes their spouses, children and partners. While on The first take of ESPN, Stephen A Smith spoke about recreational activities, stating that NBA players might not follow NBA Bubble rules for three to four months and will not be able to be without loved ones.

The NBA offered players several entertainment options for the NBA restart, including movie nights, card games, table tennis and DJ sets. The NBA Ranking Matches will begin on July 30. Game 1 will be played by the Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelicans (6:30 p.m. ET), followed by Game 2 between the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers (9:00 p.m. ET). ).

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NBA Bubble: Cams.com Makes Official VIP Membership Offer Ahead of NBA Reboot

Cams.com, which is one of the leading adult entertainment companies, said it will provide a free experience for players, coaches and others in the NBA bubble. Reports say the company offered the NBA a “VIP membership to its site.” According to reports, players or coaches will be able to register via ‘[email protected]’ and access their VIP membership and free tokens on their site, which will allow them to access the site 24/7. / 7. Thanks to the VIP membership, players will be able to access various online services at any time.

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NBA Bubble: The seeds for the 2020 NBA calendar with all 22 teams heading to Orlando for the NBA restart

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(Image source: NBA official website)

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Adult Webcam Site Offers VIP Pass to Orlando ‘Bubble’ Players


NBA players entering the “bubble” in Orlando, Florida will have limited options for recreational activities, and an adult webcam site offers a solution to this problem.

Cams.com reportedly sent an explosion of emails Thursday, offering NBA players and coaches a free VIP membership with unlimited access to its adult-themed content.

“Cams.com, one of the leading adult entertainment webcam companies, officially wants to offer all NBA participants in Orlando free VIP membership to its site,” the site’s offering said.

“Players (and coaches) who register via [email protected] and verify their identity will receive a VIP membership and free tokens on the site that would allow them to access Cams.com’s list of beautiful models 24/7. If they are feeling lonely or need some extra motivation before a big game, all they need to do is use their VIP member credentials to log into the site and they will have a range of beautiful models at their disposal. They can chat with them in private camera rooms via voice and video text. Models can offer companionship, fun conversations, sexy stripteases and more, ”the invitation continued.

As enticing as the offer may sound, the continuation of the 2019-20 NBA season should be a family affair for most players and coaches. Athletes must bring their wives and children to Florida for the duration of their stay.

The league has made it clear that Disney theme parks will be off-limits to players and their families during the season. Even the usual card games will be limited, to follow social distancing protocols.

Cams.com’s offer, meanwhile, could be a kind of downtime for players entering the bubble on their own. This isn’t the first time that an adult-themed site has attempted to connect with a sports team. CamSoda recently offered UCLA $ 205 million to replace Under Armor as an official partner.

The NBA, meanwhile, has yet to determine whether it will accept Cams.com’s generous offer.

Steven Adams, Thunder

Adult webcam company CamSoda offers UCLA $ 205 million to replace Under Armor


Just days after the news broke Under protection waived his $ 280 million contract with UCLA, the adult entertainment webcam company CamSoda has extended a lucrative partnership offering with the school.

“In light of this, I would like to officially extend a 10-year, $ 205 million contract offer for CamSoda, one of the leading adult entertainment webcam companies, to become the new official partner of UCLA Athletics.” , said CamSoda vice president Daryn Parker. in a report. “With our passion for all sports, we would like nothing more than to affiliate [with] UCLA, one of the blue-blooded college sports programs. “

Under Armor released a statement on Saturday announcing its decision to terminate the 15-year, $ 280 million contract with UCLA over “paying for marketing benefits that we haven’t received in a long time.”

Forbes reports that Under Armor shares fell nearly 20% in February after the company forecast sales to drop from $ 50 million to $ 60 million next quarter due to the coronavirus.

the Los Angeles Times describes the terms of the agreement, who said Under Armor had agreed to give UCLA $ 15 million up front and an additional $ 11 million each year for rights and marketing costs. UA would also provide the school with an average of $ 7.4 million worth of clothing, footwear and equipment each year, and has contributed $ 2 million over eight years for sports facility upgrades.

UCLA hopes to keep its Under Armor deal intact, especially since the sports department reported a deficit of nearly $ 19 million last year, which will be covered by the school through an interest-bearing loan, through The news of Mercury.

It all comes as UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero is due to retire on July 1 after 18 years, leaving all that mess up to Martin Jarmond to clean up.

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Adult webcam company merges haircuts with hot models


Content of the article

An adult webcam company has come up with a surefire way to get hair attention.

Content of the article

ImLive launched Sexy Cuts, which pairs users looking for haircuts with adult models with salon or barbershop experience.

Models will give live video tutorials while users cut their hair.

Users will receive step-by-step instructions and get feedback, “all from a scantily clad stylist,” ImLive said in a statement on Friday.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, haircuts have been done at home for weeks now and many have not gone well. ImLive said that’s why he came up with the idea, which kicked off with an online party on Friday.

Adult webcam company ImLive launched Sexy Cuts, pairing users looking for haircuts during the COVID-19 pandemic with models who have salon or barbershop experience, on Friday, May 8, 2020. Photo by photo provided /ImLive.com

The goal of Sexy Cuts is “to help men look their best while staying safe during their forties,” but it also offers “an alternative to people in states where barber shops are opening their doors.”

Content of the article

Adrian Stoneman, vice president of ImLive, said: “We understand the need for a new fit – the old adage ‘look good, feel good’ is no joke – but it’s not worth the risk of. get sick or spread the virus so that others get sick. “

“Whether you are looking for instructions on how to do a tight fade or just need an extra pair of eyes to make sure your crew cut is even, our lovely ladies are here to help,” he added.

We apologize, but this video failed to load.

Haircuts last from 15 minutes to an hour and prices are determined by the hosts.

The company said its models have already contributed more than 250 hairstyles by Friday afternoon.

ImLive.com was founded in 2003 in the UK and today is the premier webcam chat arena on the internet. The site lists over 80,000 hots and around 62 million members around the world.

Membership is free for over 18s.

The company had already introduced a Stay home, don’t go out campaign, which encouraged people to stay home instead of going on dates.