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Sacks of white rice with swastikas left in several houses in Carmichael


CARMICHAEL, Calif. (KTXL) – Residents of Carmichael are angry and upset after someone leaves bags of white rice with swastikas in their neighborhood.

“On their doorstep, they found a Ziploc bag. There was a small amount of white rice like cooking and a flyer inside the Aryan nation, with a swastika on it, ”said Sgt. Rod Grassmann of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

He said they were investigating the action taken, but not as a hate crime.

“What it really is, we look at as more of a bully. So there are many codes that look at hate crimes and bullying, ”Grassmann told FOX40. “We are looking more like a point of intimidation towards this particular community, which can be charged as a felony. “

Authorities are trying to find out if fingerprints were left. Homeland security is also investigating.

“We have 10 individual victims who received this bag. There may be more, ”said Grassmann.

A security video did see someone leaving a bag of rice in a house, but it is currently unclear whether residents have been targeted or have been left to chance.

“Certainly our concern is that something like that turns into something more,” Grassmann said.

One owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said he has lived in the area for more than 40 years.

“He shouldn’t be in just any neighborhood. This is not correct. They try to impose an opinion on you, and that creates more dissent, separation and unity. And what we’re supposed to live in is the United States, the United States, ”said the owner.

“Everyone in this community should feel free to live their lives free from any kind of fear or intimidation,” Grassmann said.

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Dior and Technogym reveal the ultimate home fitness equipment


In the field of fitness and fashion, the French Maison Christian Dior has partnered with the Italian luxury fitness company Technogym to create a line of limited edition training equipment, Dior Vibe.

Dior Vibe is the home fitness of your dreams. Image: Dior

Collaboration became quite the mood – pun intended – for Ms Chiuri, who was also the originator of the partnership of the house with another Italian brand, Vespa.

Designed by Dior artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri for the recent Cruise 2022 show, it marks a turning point for both the fashion brand and the Italian brand. This will be the first time that Technogym has teamed up with a luxury fashion house to create a line of signature equipment.

The limited edition line includes Technogym’s connected treadmill and a multifunctional weight bench in classic white with navy details and featuring the Dior star, Christian’s lucky charm himself.

Fashion has always been beautiful and Dior’s ability to do so with its clothes is evident. So you can assume it was only a matter of time before brands really started offering a full vertical offering of products that would make you look and feel better. What better time than now, when a workout station has become the latest must-have design element for the home.

Dior, Home fitness
Do you even lift my brother but do it fashionably. Image: Dior

Thanks to home orders, home fitness has become the latest peg to hang on luxury bindings. Gone are the days of pastel-colored gadgets that hide under the bed or in the closet. Now the gear is crafted with precision detail that goes beyond function and emphasizes form.

It makes sense that Dior is partnering with a brand like Technogym which has worked with architects and designers to make sure their equipment looks more like a work of art or designer furniture than something you spend 45 minutes increasing your heart rate.

The Italian brand, which presents itself more as a concept of well-being than a simple fitness, is founded on an ideology according to which the pleasure of design should be as much part of the health experience as of the end result.

You have plenty of time to make sure your home is ready for a Dior x Technogym upgrade: the Dior Vibe line won’t be phased out until January 2022.

Tiling credit: Dior

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Hard and Soft Spinner Suitcases


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  • Delsey Paris is a line of luxury French luggage that originated the rigid suitcase in 1970.
  • Now they have a full line of hard and soft suitcases in several styles and colors.
  • We tested the hard and soft Delsey luggage and found them to be incredibly spacious and packed with great features.

Delsey Paris were the first brand to launch a hardside suitcase in 1970, and since then it has become their flagship product.

You’ve probably seen their sleek cases slide around airports, reflecting a chic French sensibility that has become iconic.

Although this is not their only offer. Delsey now offers an extensive line of hard and soft shell luggage and travel accessories. Expect carry-on and checked baggage in many sizes, formats and colors, packed with thoughtful features like TSA-approved locks, sturdy zippers, and the assurance that your belongings will stay safe. safe and protected.

And, as you would expect from a company with Parisian roots, they’re all the rage too.

Eager to see how these historic suitcases would hold up, we tried out a few Delsey Paris bags comparing the hard and soft cases, and packed them to the brim. We took them through airports and even threw them down the stairs to test their resistance to the stresses of travel.

Here’s what we thought of Delsey Paris

Collage of Delsey Cactus exterior and interior suitcase

Zoom on the security features and interior compartments of the Securitime.

Emily Hochberg / Insider

As its name suggests, it is a suitcase intended to secure your belongings. In this case, with a TSA accepted integrated combination lock plus Delsey’s patented locking system with a sturdy zipper and fully closed pull tabs and sliders that are made inaccessible when locked.

I used my Securitime when I moved to cross country. I packed most of my clothes in this one bag, which passed through major airports and several hotels before ending up in my new home.

At first glance, the dark silver charcoal exterior certainly looked sturdy with deep protective ridges and rounded corners. It almost looked like the type of trunks used to transport multimedia equipment. I immediately noticed that my bag arrived with some serious scuffs, possibly due to the packaging, which made me doubt its resistance to scratches in the long term.

Inside were two compartments, one with tie-down steps and the other with a fully zipped divider. While there aren’t many pockets to organize, the liner is removable and washable. Both were a good size and could hold piles of clothes, full packing cubes, toiletry bags, and junk.

Delsey Securitime 29 inch Upright Spinner Suitcase with clothes in it

The spacious interiors accommodate all my clothes, toiletries and odds and ends.

Emily Hochberg / Insider

The internal volume is 126.14 liters and an expandable zipper offers the possibility of adding additional space. While most people don’t use it for moving and packing all of their clothes, it’s ideal for multi-week trips.

Without a doubt, I was most impressed with the main zipper. As a regular over-packer, I regularly fill suitcases and push the seams to their breaking point. This zipper was like two in one and held without even a sign of fatigue.

Close-up of the zipper of the Delsey Paris Securitime Upright bag.

The sturdy zipper was one of the most impressive I have seen on the luggage.

Emily Hochberg / Insider

Quiet dual wheels and soft touch handles were a snap to navigate two busy airports and the added security features gave me peace of mind.

Just be aware that with so much space and weighing 10.4 pounds to start with, it’s easy to overfill that bag and incur extra costs at the airline counter. I ended up having to get a lot out of it at the last minute so I couldn’t pack it to the max. But for any big trip, this bag is a no-brainer. – Emily Hochberg, travel editor

Collage of the exterior of the Delsey Cactus right suitcase

The Cactus is an indescribable and rigid suitcase but with curves that make it stand out.

The Shu / Initiate

The Cactus is a relatively nondescript hard-shell suitcase, but the design has curves to make it stand out. It has a fairly large interior volume of 106 liters, although despite its large size the polycarbonate shell is light when empty and I had no problem carrying it up a few flights of stairs.

The spinning wheels are strong and glide easily on a variety of surfaces, whether on all four wheels or tilted – it will depend on the load you are loading. For added security, the Cactus features a TSA approved lock that secures the metal zipper pulls.

An all-around zipper allows you to fully open for easier packing. On one side there are straps to hold things together, while the other has a zippered mesh cover. There are also two zippered pockets for small items and a waterproof pocket for toiletries. The liner is removable for cleaning.

GIF of Delsey Cactus Descending Stairs Suitcase

Put the cactus to the test by throwing it down the stairs.

The Shu / Initiate

The interior has enough space to store one person’s clothes. I easily put on four pairs of sneakers, a suit, a jacket, two sweaters, two pairs of jeans, two weeks of shirts, socks and underwear, and a toiletry bag, with plenty of room to spare. value or all clothes for a small family.

The suitcase is very resistant thanks to its protected corners and its overall manufacturing quality. I threw it down a stairwell three times, with the telescoping handle pulled out. Despite having a scratch-resistant finish, it suffered scratches and a noticeable gash, but otherwise it remained intact. My only complaint is that the water resistant zipper system does take some effort to open, but it’s sturdy. – Les Shu, deputy editor-in-chief

A collage of the exterior and interior of the Helium DLX case

The main helium capacity was so large that you could take a month of summer clothes with you.

Taylor Jeffires / Insider

Originally I had planned to bring the 29 inch Helium DLX from Delsey on vacation to Cancun, but it was so big that I actually decided it was too big for a five day trip. only.

Instead, I tested this product in the East Village, pushing and pulling it 20 blocks and going up and down the stairs to my apartment with no elevator. It was no small feat and the luggage was equal in width to my stairwell, making it difficult to carry, even with plush padded handles.

This means that it is not the best choice for the occasional traveler on the go, however, those going on long journeys or entering and exiting airports and elevators will appreciate four caster wheels that glide effortlessly on smooth surfaces, even under the weight of a fully packed suitcase.

A collage of the features of the Delsey Helium DLX suitcase - exterior lock and removable toiletry bag

Additional features of helium include a TSA approved padlock and toiletry bag.

Taylor Jeffires / Insider

Premium features and premium materials also stand out quickly, like a built-in TSA-approved lock and shatterproof zippers. Despite the large size, the soft, performance fabric on the outside was lightweight. But if you tend to impatiently overload like I do, the lightness can become unnecessary as most of the weight is concentrated in a deep interior compartment. The main capacity was so large that I was able to pack a yoga mat out of curiosity. You could probably pack almost a month’s worth of summer clothes.

There is also a second compartment with a zippered mesh cover that can hold a layer of clothes, a hair dryer and a flat iron. A detachable toiletry bag was a good idea.

The ample space makes it ideal for longer stays or for visiting cold destinations where you will need to pack thick jackets and sweaters. Depth is also useful for holiday periods if you are traveling with gifts.

If you need a suitcase with plenty of room for an extended stay with premium features, this Delsey bag is a solid choice. – Taylor Jeffries, Lifestyle Specialist

Tyson Fury wants Deontay Wilder’s handbag docked ahead of third heavyweight fight


Wilder kept to himself ahead of this trilogy fight with Fury, going so far as to remain silent at the rivals’ press conference

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Tyson Fury “absolutely hurt” by Anthony Joshua’s loss to Oleksandr Usyk

Tyson Fury wants Deontay Wilder to be hit with a pay cut if the former heavyweight world champion continues to give him the silent treatment.

Fury and Wilder will face off for the third time this weekend to finally settle their long-standing rivalry.

But while the Briton has done his part in promoting the trilogy fight, Wilder has remained silent – refusing even to speak at a 25-minute press conference.

“I still love my boxing and all that build-up stuff,” Fury said. “I’m here to announce the fight and do my job – not like my counterpart on the other half of the bill.

“His share of the scholarship must be cut if he’s not doing media or press work. I’m going to have a word with (the promoter) Bob [Arum] and say that if he doesn’t do his share of the talking then we reduce his salary. I’m going to cut the money off her and wash it off her face. “

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder face off


Getty Images)

Fury and Wilder officially “arrived” in Las Vegas last night as they paraded in front of fans in front of the T-Mobile Arena which will host their third matchup.

And they will come face to face today at the final press conference, four months after Wilder refused to speak after giving a short opening statement, putting a pair of headphones over his ears.

And Fury believed his rival’s silence was a sign of mental weakness.

“It shows how weak he is as a mental person,” he said. “It shows how much the blows of the last fight had an emotional and physical effect on his life.

Will Tyson Fury beat Deontay Wilder again? Predict the result here

“I was worried about Deontay Wilder for quite a while after the loss I inflicted on him. Obviously he’s doing his little thing with his headphones and he doesn’t want to answer any questions, it’s up to him. here to promote a fight and talk to the press – which I always do.

“So if Deontay Wilder doesn’t want to engage in this press conference, then I’ll take his part. I’ll play a double character if you want? I’m pretty good at that kind of role-playing game so I’ll be Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury and we’ll play a little game. “

Fury and Wilder earned at least £ 20million each in their second installment last year and can expect to pocket a similar amount this weekend.

After winning the second fight, Fury will earn 60% of the scholarship for what promises to be his last dance with Wilder.

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Must Read: Telfar’s Bag Safety Program is Back, 11 Honoré Comes to Nordstrom


These are the stories making the fashion headlines this Tuesday.

Telfar’s bag safety program is back
Telfar is bringing back its Bag Safety Program this week, for 36 hours only: From 12:00 p.m. EDT on October 5 to 11:59 p.m. EDT on October 6, you can place an order for a bag (or bags) in any size and color, to be shipped by March 31, 2022. For the third installment of the event, the brand will have special programming on Telfar TV, such as performances, announcements and surprise guest cameos. You can find more information – and read the full terms and conditions – at shop.telfar.net. {Fashionista Inbox}

11 Honoré arrives at Nordstrom
11 Honoré announced this week its very first commercial partnership. The plus-size luxury retailer is working with Nordstrom (which invested in the company in 2019) on a capsule collection designed by Danielle Williams-Eke that will ship in two drops: the first will launch on October 6 online and in select stores with 14 styles inspired by workwear, between $ 128 and $ 248; the second will arrive at the end of October. {Fashionista Inbox}

11 Honoré 02

Can brands make Instagram less toxic?
Fashion businessAlexandra Mondalek reports on Facebook’s internal study on the effects Instagram (and its fashion and beauty content, in particular) can have on the mental well-being of teenage girls, as revealed by the the Wall Street newspaper last month. The story examines how brands react, how they use the platform to advertise their product, and the messages they deliver. {Fashion trade}

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CUCHARA is the sustainable and conscious jewelry brand of Toronto’s Dreams


ComplexCon returns to Long Beach November 6-7 with hosts J. Balvin and Kristen Noel Crawley, performances by A $ AP Rocky and Turnstile, and more shopping and falls.

Reserve your place while tickets run out!

The fashion industry has seen a big shift towards sustainability in recent years, but conscious consumption is part of the ethics of the Toronto-based jewelry brand. CUCHARA since its inception. In 2014, Edi Canedo made her first piece of jewelry, a necklace made with materials from a vintage silver spoon from her personal collection, and the brand was born.

Canedo grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, and moved to Toronto to study fashion at George Brown College. These two contrasting environments – the laid-back, nature-rich island and the vibrant, diverse city – gave her a unique lens through which to create. Over the past eight years, CUCHARA has become a favorite of women around the world for its wearable, everyday pieces that are bohemian-chic with a touch of city-cool and ethical through its use of locally sourced recycled materials.

Provided by Jorian Charlton

Jewelry has been an important part of human life for centuries. Long before necklaces, bracelets and rings were fashionable accessories, jewelry was worn to symbolize different aspects of life: security, wisdom, prosperity, social status, etc. And while jewelry is more accessible than ever, CUCHARA gives meaning to each of its pieces by (according to its website) “creating jewelry that is not only made with love and care, but that has been conceptualized with our responsibility.” ethics towards mother earth in the foreground. of our minds. Browse the vast collection, you will find everything from delicate chains to voluminous rings, each piece being handcrafted, unique and never mass produced.

These days CUCHARA is a two-woman show, with Edi in charge of all design and Chloe Li-Chapman, who joined the team in 2018, leading all marketing, PR and the community. In addition to developing a loyal following, CUCHARA features other female entrepreneurs and creators with an “In Studio” editorial series, highlights favorite female DJs with the “Studio Sound” mix series and has raised funds for Black Visions. Collective and Reclaim The Block. They have also broadened their offering to include CUCHARA FINE, a high-end line with more premium materials; and a non-sexist line 12TWELVE. CUCHARA pieces have been spotted on Jessie Reyez, Shay Lia, and just about every fashionable woman walking the streets of Toronto.

Just in time for the CUCHARA Fall / Winter collection launch, we caught up with Edi and Chloe to find out what it’s like to start a brand, how to work with your BFF, and some jewelry trends we should. to research.

CUCHARA is known for its jewelry, and yet you are always adding new offerings and new businesses to the mix. How do you reconcile establishing yourself as a brand and making yourself known for something, while constantly evolving and trying new things?
We are very committed to our brand identity and want our customers to feel like they are part of our journey. We don’t pretend to be marketing masters or know-it-all fashion designers; we learn continuously from our peers and by trial and error. We only release something that we would wear or be interested in as a consumer, so we won’t be producing things just because it’s the latest trend or everyone is wearing it. Recently, we revisited and updated our “Brand Board”, a mood board made up of images, text, colors, etc. It got us back to thinking about our core values ​​while updating and modernizing the brand’s aesthetic.

“We don’t always recommend going into business with your friends, but in our case, it works. “

BIWOC owned companies are really killing it these days, in Canada and beyond. What are some of the unique challenges of being a small Canadian business?
Everyone, including ourselves, look to the US or Europe for inspiration, but we’re trying to show people that you can have something authentic, cool, and WOC-owned at the Canada. Sometimes it can be difficult to be creative and profitable in the Canadian market. We often want to produce some of the “goofy” designs that we would like to see more people wearing, knowing that probably few of our customers will buy it. However, we’re going to be doing a few swatches that the stylists end up pulling and using these pieces for their photoshoots, so it’s a great way for us to be unique and scratch that “creative” itch. The increase in the number of companies owned by BIWOC is incredible and we love to be a part of it.

“We’re here today thanks to our friends and our community who showed up at every pop-up, event and sample sale. We love to use our platform to help each other in our businesses, this is a big part of our success and the philosophy of CUCHARA. “

You are a small team of two women who are also close friends. What are your tips for working efficiently?
Patience, communication and don’t be afraid to speak your mind. We don’t agree on everything, but we have the same goal: to build a successful business. We don’t always recommend going into business with your friends, but in our case it works. Like any relationship, it takes work, but at the end of the day we have our designated roles and know where the other is strongest. Basically, Chloe’s long perfect nails mean that Edi’s heels have to take full responsibility for all practical tasks.

Model wearing jewelry
Provided by Jorian Charlton

You often collaborate with other small businesses and creators for your In Studio and Studio Sound series. Why is it important for you to do these things?
We’re here today thanks to our friends and community showing up at every pop-up, event, and sample sale. We love to use our platform to help each other in our businesses, this is a big part of our success and the philosophy of CUCHARA. Music is also an integral part of our lives, that’s where a lot of our inspiration comes from. We sometimes wonder if our studio neighbors think we’re okay when we play music and sing songs ranging from Shania Twain to Skepta. Having a musical aspect included in our brand was a necessity.

What can you tell us about 12TWELVE?
12TWELVE was born because we saw the need for our client to have an alternative option that was a little less trendy and more longevity oriented. 12TWELVE brings the final touch to your own creativity: high quality, low intervention. We had a lot of friends, especially male friends, who asked us for classic male style chains and rings. It is a brand for them in a way they can relate to, distinct from CUCHARA. That said, 12TWELVE is gender neutral and we really want to encourage our customers to think about personalizing their jewelry.

What are the best memories you have of CUCHARA’s trip so far?
Moving from Edi’s guest bedroom in his apartment to our first shared studio and then moving into our own studio at 888 Dupont. Investing in a space of this size was a big step for our business, but it was essential to our success. It is disappointing that accessibility to private studios is so difficult in Toronto.

Model in golden earrings
Provided by Jorian Charlton

What are some fall / winter jewelry trends we should know about?
Long chains, stacking large rings and adding pops of color. You can never go wrong with the hoops.

What will CUCHARA focus on for 2022?
Well…. we found a new space as we had to leave our studio at 888 Dupont. This is a * scary * milestone for us, but we are very excited and proud to share our next venture and connect IRL with all of our supporters.

Photographer: Jorian charlton
Photo assistant: Joshua Rille
HUM: Mila victoria
Stylist: Sarah Vonditsianou
Model: Hema Ricchi
Designate: Edi Canedo
Producer: Chloe Li Chapman

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Sale: Huge discounts on Amazon sales on furniture, shoes, handbags and more | Most Wanted Products

Amazon Great Indian Sale has certainly got most of us into a shopping spree, products that have been on our wishlist for too long now have finally arrived at the checkout counter. In between all these, Amazon.in also has daily sales and you can get additional discounts on products like branded shoes and bags, winter utilities and furniture for the home and much more.

So if you are looking for winter quilts, designer shoes and several other things then you have come to the right place, we have you covered with some of the best deals mentioned below. Take a look and choose for yourself.

Puma introduced the Player Idp sneakers for men at a heavily discounted price of Rs 1,299. It is a type of lace closure and has a medium width. This shoe has been categorized as a sneaker and has a soft landing pad which makes it a good shoe for running and exercising.


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Shop other sneakers, moccasins, slippers and more from brands like Sparx, Converse, Campus here:

This is a soft and comfortable reversible comforter that provides a rich and luxurious feel thanks to the premium materials used. It’s filled with hypoallergenic padding that protects against allergens, bacteria, dirt and more. You can easily maintain and clean it at home. It is compatible with the washing machine.

Buy more home furnishings here:

This is a durable, lightweight and super spacious handbag for women. This bag is made of vegan leather which makes it cruelty free. It has a top zip closure to keep and secure your valuables. With this, the bag also has 2 pockets and a zippered pocket to store your valuables such as cell phone, purse, charger, external battery, keys, etc. It can be paired with formal and semi-formal outfits and is easy to carry all day long. You can even carry it on a plane, train or bus while traveling.

Buy more bags from Lavie, Baggit and more

Planning to fly soon? American Tourister is your friend in need when you need a lot of space and always want to be under the weight of luggage required to fly. This luggage meets most of the size requirements of Indian carry-on luggage. It is scratch and impact resistant, making it suitable for withstanding the continuous stress on the bags. It has an additional space that you can expand as you wish to accommodate last minute purchases. For added security, you get a 3-digit recessed TSA lock.

Get more luggage bags from American Tourister, Skybags and more

DISCLAIMER: Journalists from The Times of India were not involved in the production of this article. The prices of the products mentioned in the article are subject to change depending on the offers offered by Amazon.

Washington state’s plastic bag ban is now in effect


Say goodbye to those flimsy plastic bags.

Washington state’s new ban on single-use plastic bags went into effect on Friday, October 1. The new law in most cases prohibits catering businesses, restaurants, retailers, small temporary vendors and grocery stores from providing take-out bags to customers. , according to a press release from the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Companies can still provide customers with compliant paper or a reusable bag at a cost of 8 cents. These funds go straight back into the pockets of companies to recoup the cost of providing more durable and reusable bagging options.

“Certain types of single-use plastic bags are exempt from the law, including plastic films used to wrap meats and products, small film bags for prescriptions, newspaper and dry cleaning bags and bags. packaged items sold in stores such as garbage bags, pet waste. bags and sandwich bags, ”the press release read.

Food banks and community pantries are also not required to charge customers for compliant bags under the new law, according to Ecology. People using food stamps, WIC (women, infants, children), SNAP (Supplementary Nutritional Assistance Program) or any other government funded nutritional assistance program are also not subject to the 8 cent fee.

Plastic bags are a source of pollution that threatens human health, wildlife, and the environment, and they continue to be a major contamination problem in Washington State’s recycling system. Ecology says reducing the use of single-use plastic bags will protect the state’s rivers and streams, help the state’s recycling systems run more efficiently, and contribute to a growing culture of waste reduction.

Customers are encouraged to keep their reusable bags clean and in good condition for use by merchants.

“Businesses affected by this law are required to allow customers to use their own bags. … If a merchant doesn’t want their employees to handle customers’ reusable bags, they can implement a policy requiring them to wrap their own purchases when customers bring theirs, ”said Laurie Davis, program manager for the management of customer’s. solid waste from Ecology, in a press release.

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The Hanalilly Convertible Backpack – A Dual Purpose Bag Designed For Convenience


The Hanalilly convertible backpack.

Just as the name suggests, it is a combination of a backpack and a handbag, which allows it to be used as either.

Personalized and designed in North Carolina, USA, by Joshnahyan LLC, this dual-purpose bag is crafted with impressive attention to detail and features a sleek design that makes it perfect as a backpack or purse.

And unlike their competition, the Hanalilly backpack comes with an easy switching mechanism; it literally only takes a few seconds to go from backpack to handbag, and vice versa.

The Hanalilly Convertible Backpack is also made with high quality yarn, canvas and premium leather, giving it the durability to survive and be used as a versatile bag without losing any of its beauty and durability. its elegance.

Hanalilly uses durable, high quality materials, while its competitors use low quality materials for the lower shelves.

They use real genuine leather, while their competitors use faux leather with a plastic look.

They use an easy switching mechanism that changes in seconds when their competitors use awkward, slow switching mechanisms that let the user play with the bag for minutes at a time …

The Hanalilly Convertible Backpack is the first to solve all of the problems typically encountered with a “backpack,” which is exemplified by their plethora of 5-star reviews.

Available in different colors, for different tastes and to match different outfits.

The Hanalilly Convertible Backpack is a bag that is both practical and aesthetic in its design, and comes as a beautiful, hard-wearing dual-use bag that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Order the Hanalilly Convertible Backpack today at https://www.hanalilly.com/ and get 50% off and free shipping!

Media contact
Company Name: Joshnahyan LLC
Contact: Rosalie
E-mail: Send an email
Telephone: 919-516-9757
City: Raleigh
State: North Carolina
Country: United States
Website: www.hanalilly.com

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Milwaukee fashion designer takes her looks to Paris and Milan


MILWAUKEE – Fashion designer from Milwaukee is on the trip of a lifetime! Therese Marie Jones has been selected to exhibit her work at Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris.

Carole Meekins from TMJ4 spoke to him before his big trip.

Carole: When you think of Milwaukee, you don’t see it exactly as a fashion creation hub, and to follow up on Paris Fashion Week, can you tell us how you did that, Thérèse?

Therese Marie Jones: I just put my heart and soul in and do a lot of shows here in the city. I had the opportunity to go to NYC and all over the country and then as Paris Fashion Week approached I applied and they got me in and they told me : “We would like to put you in Milan as well!” And do both! ‘ And I’m like ‘Yes! Sign me up. I am here!’

Carole: You have clothes for all sizes, you are very inclusive. Why is this important?

Therese Marie: I am a tailor and I have been here, my shop is called Therese Tailoring Boutique. So I have been working with women of all shapes and sizes for many years. When I really started to launch my fashion brand, I thought that was also important, and to show it on the catwalk as well. So on the track I have sizes zero, two, eighteen, twenty-four!

Carole: I often think when we think of fashion we think of size zero or size two, and you know that can’t include everyone. But I think everyone wants to look good.

Therese Marie: I dress people for their birthdays for special events, a red carpet, and everyone wants to feel comfortable and good, and it’s really important for my brand to make sure everyone looks good. feels good, comfortable and looks good.

Carole: I am very impressed, thank you for being able to at least represent Milwaukee well, wow!

Therese Marie: I’m the only one from Milwaukee who’ll be on the show, and a black African American designer on the show, in both shows, so I’m really, really excited for that.

Carole: How did you get the creativity or the confidence to figure out that, you know what, I could do that, I can go there?

Therese Marie: One of the first steps is to overcome fear and face the fear, and once you get past that, the sky is the limit – there is no ceiling. I love it. I love to create, I love to make people feel amazing. And so it helped me face my fears and now I’m getting on a big stage and a big platform.

Carole: Thérèse, do you have a secret for those who might be a little challenged by fashion on what they could do to enhance their look?

Therese Marie: Well, you can always find a good tailor. Find a good tailor to help you add something more. You can do something different with the fabric. You could do something different with the style, the cut. Do something more like add glitter, bangs. Have fun with it!

Carole: Therese Marie, thank you very much for being with us this morning and Positively Milwaukee.

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