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Ready to face the world’s most junkie handbag


I would have been a perfect candidate for “Let’s Make A Deal”. Not because I like to trade doors for boxes. And not because I want to dress like a housewife with pink terry hair rollers (the most common costume, if I remember correctly).

No – I have a special talent that would have wiped the smug smile off Monty Hall’s face and made him go through “Twenty-Forty-Sixty-Four … HUNDRED!” dollars from his wad of cash if I was chosen to play one of the Quick Public Searches.

After years of practice and many children, I am the proud owner of the most junkie handbag in the world. It wasn’t something I had planned or had to work hard to accomplish. All I had to do was carry my purse. It filled up.

When I started out, I could go to town with a nice little wallet. Checkbook, driver’s license. Maybe a few dollars put in my back pocket. I took off, light as a wallet and able to navigate my day with serene security.

But it didn’t last long. The children sprang out of my body and my little wallet could not hold the pacifiers, toys, baby wipes and photos that were included in the offer. I bought my first “real” handbag and was amazed at how many things I could fit in it.

Now I had room to bring a lot of extra stuff. Maybe I wouldn’t need them, but I would if I needed them. There were church things (pencils, paper, eraser, Lifesavers, Kleenex). Important documents (vaccination cards, emergency numbers). Items to protect baby (bandages, bacteria, tweezers).

Before I knew it, I had in my purse the whole supply of treats from a daycare. They fell to the bottom, with the strange change that was there. The weight of my purse increased in direct proportion to my child’s weight; I wore one on each shoulder and was perfectly balanced.

The children have grown up. The school needed housemaids with big handbags to bring things for the holidays. I could do that. My purse was huge then, about the size of an American Tourister Carry-on.

There were all kinds of pockets and sections that I could fill with cotton balls and plastic spoons for relay races. Balloons and crepe paper for decoration. And you still have space for the camera to record every invaluable second.

I carried food in collapsible cups on road trips. Toilet cloths in sandwich bags for motion sickness and small bottles of Airwick to freshen the car afterwards. I was ready for any emergency and, like a stage magician, there was nothing I couldn’t produce with my bottomless purse.

My fingers have become as sensitive as those of a cracker. In the dead of night, I could put my hand in zipped pockets and find everything I needed. Like the Metal Claw game at the carnival, I got high. Grasped. And I took the object to my knees without missing a beat.

“Let’s Make a Deal” is back, without Monty’s magic to make it the frenzied fun it was. But if I ever go to Hollywood, I’m ready.

Need a fuzzy caramel lifeline? I have one! What are you going to give me for a permanently locked combination lock that is too good to throw away and that will open as soon as someone remembers the correct numbers?

I have an AA battery that is ALMOST dead. A 25 cent coupon on Cheez-it crackers (may have expired now). And I’m pretty sure I’m carrying a few packets of ketchup and a stack of leaking packets of salt.

Pay attention to me. I’ll be the wild woman in an old robe and clawing at Wayne Brady’s sleek sports jacket, shouting, “GIMMEE FIFTY DOLLARS!” I HAVE A SECURITY PIN / A SPOON / A COMPASS / AN UNPAID INVOICE / A HALF-EATEN CANDY BAR… HERE IN MY PURCHASE !! “

Robin Garrison Leach is a freelance writer and columnist from Quincy, Illinois. Contact her at [email protected]

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Fly with your golf clubs? Follow these 5 rules to avoid mishaps


Traveling with clubs can be stressful. Here’s how to allay your worries.

getty pictures

Mel Reid shared breaking news on social media a few weeks ago. It was his driver. The club had broken in transit on a flight. Reid wasn’t the first golfer to experience this misfortune, and she won’t be the last, as traveling with clubs comes with risks, costs and headaches. With that in mind, here are 5 things to know before you put your poles on a plane.

1. Read the fine print

Most airlines treat golf clubs like standard baggage, which means there is a weight limit (usually 50 pounds) but no oversized baggage fees. If your clubs go missing, the carrier will replace them (just be prepared to deal with the paperwork and, in all likelihood, the long call waiting times if you need further assistance).

6 great golf club travel bags you can trust for your travels


Nick piastowski

Damage is another matter. Not all airlines compensate for it. They also don’t allow you to take anything in your golf bag. Under its current policies, for example, American Airlines allows golf clubs, balls, tees and a pair of shoes. If you think you are being sneaky, think again, as you may be asked to open your bag at the airport. If you have packaged anything other than the approved items, charges will apply.

Because policies may vary, pay attention to the fine print. It’s not a captivating read (if that’s what you’re looking for, try the safety guidelines in the back pocket), but it will help protect you from a nasty surprise.

2. Fly directly

It’s hard to say what’s more frustrating – missing your connection or arriving at your destination safely only to find your clubs didn’t. The best way to avoid both of these risks is to take a direct flight, if you have that option. It will almost certainly cost more. But paying extra can save you all kinds of headaches, as golf clubs are among the items most likely to be left behind during a close connection, especially on a small regional flight.

3. There are things money cannot buy

With rare exceptions, every club in your bag can be replaced. The same is not true for memories of sentimental value. A lucky coin. A vintage headgear. A scorecard filled with a trick you played on a bucket list course. If you are traveling with a golf item that you cannot lose, keep it with you in your carry-on instead.

4. You can take protective measures

When it comes to protecting your poles from airline damage, a high-quality duffel bag is your first and best line of defense. But there are many other simple and protective measures. A stiff arm, for example, adds vertical strength to a travel bag, protecting your clubs from all kinds of stress. In the absence of the real thing, a sturdy broomstick or telescoping ski pole can serve as a stand.

pilot shipping golf clubs by plane

Shipping golf clubs: an easier way to travel


Golf.com Staff

Or, if you really want to go the MacGyver Route, get yourself a standard bucket (the kind you use when cleaning the bathroom will do) and place it as a shield on top of your clubs before you go. close them in your travel bag. Another option is to return your clubs to the bag, in order to better protect the club heads, although this is easier to do with irons than with drivers and course metals.

Speaking of these clubs, not only are many heads adjustable these days, but they are also removable. If you have the time and the inclination, you can always pick them up before your trip and stow them in your hand luggage.

5. You can still ship them

Capitalism is not perfect, but it creates a multitude of options for consumers. Instead of taking your clubs to an airline, you can always ship them to your destination. Many companies offer this service, with the guarantee that your clubs will be there waiting for you, without scratching them. Depending on where you’re going and how fast you need your clubs to get there, these services can be cheaper than an airline’s baggage fee.

generic profile picture


A golf, food and travel writer Josh Sens has been a contributor to GOLF Magazine since 2004 and now contributes across all GOLF platforms. His work has been featured in an anthology in The Best American Sportswriting. He is also co-author, with Sammy Hagar, of Are We having Any Fun Yet: the Cooking and Partying Handbook.

Amazon Shoppers this versatile travel bag for travel and everyday use


Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the included links, we may earn a commission.

A sturdy and sturdy duffel bag or weekend bag is one of the most useful bags you can own, whether you take it on the weekend on the road, use it as a carry-on for a flight and carry it to and from the gym or office every day. . We found a duffel bag on Amazon that shoppers love for its sleek style and ease of use for a variety of trips – and it costs just $ 37.

The Bagsmart travel bag is easy to pack and store for travel and everyday use, making it an incredibly versatile option to add to your luggage collection. It is made from a blend of cotton and 40D nylon which means it is durable and easy to clean. The bag features several useful interior and exterior organization compartments including a 15.6 inch laptop sleeve, elastic water bottle pocket, and top strap that is recommended to be used with a mat. yoga.

It has shoulder straps and a longer removable shoulder strap, providing several ways to carry the bag comfortably. To make your travel even easier, you will also find a luggage case that you can use to secure the duffel bag to a rolling suitcase. Currently, the bag is available in black and light pink.

Amazon shoppers love this bag, giving it an average five-star rating and hundreds of positive reviews. “This is my all time favorite travel and travel bag,” wrote one reviewer. “It’s convenient, fits everything from my laptop to my clothes and shoes for a weekend getaway.”

Another buyer complimented how travel-resistant this duffle bag is, as well as its space. “The best gym bag I have ever had. [It’s] large enough for clothes and a toiletry bag for a five-day trip, “they wrote.”[It] has been on a cross country trip and a camping trip before and [has] been awesome. “

Whether you use it for travel, as a sports bag or for your daily groceries, this sports bag is sure to accompany you while ensuring the safety and organization of your personal belongings. And while the bag is already affordable, it’s currently on sale at 20% off, bringing its final price to under $ 40, so now is a great time to shop.

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Homeless woman faces five charges | News, Sports, Jobs


NEW ULM – A 30-year-old homeless woman accused of assaulting police and emergency personnel at New Ulm Medical Center on September 5 and 6, 2020, was arrested on a warrant involving two complaints on September 4, 2020 October.

The bond was set at $ 50,000 unconditionally or $ 20,000 with conditions Monday in Brown County District Court for Tiffany J. Olson. A court appearance has been set for 8:30 a.m. on October 19.

She faces five counts, including one felony of assault, two or more prior qualified domestic violence offenses; fourth-degree assault on hospital emergency personnel; serious offense of assault in the fourth degree of a peace officer, obstruction of legal proceedings and offense of obstruction of legal proceedings.

According to court documents, New Ulm Police were called by a Pizza Ranch employee about suspicious activity at 8:11 p.m. on September 5, 2020. The caller said a woman entered the restaurant with a large sum of money and behaved strangely.

After the woman left, the employee noticed that the woman had changed her clothes in the washroom. Pizza Ranch staff found designer clothes the woman had left in the trash. The woman was seen walking south on Broadway.

Shortly after, the Brown County dispatcher received a complaint about a woman walking near the intersection of Highway 14/15 who was almost hit by a vehicle.

Police intervened and found the woman about 1/4 mile east of the 14/15 highway roundabout. Police immediately recognized the woman as Olson following a noise complaint the night before.

Olson admitted to being at Pizza Ranch and said she suffered from an eating disorder and went there to binge and purge herself and was trying to walk to Burnsville. Additionally, the woman said she was homeless and wanted to keep walking to burn calories.

Police offered the woman a trip to Mankato, where she could stay in a homeless shelter and have access to more resources. The woman refused a race and all resources.

Police decided to transport the woman to New Ulm Medical Center, but resisted attempts to get her into the police car, scratching the officer’s hands when they tried to handcuff her.

The woman kicked an officer before being escorted to the ground, placed in a hobble strap and transported to New Ulm Medical Center.

At 9:19 a.m. the next day, police were dispatched to New Ulm Medical Center for assaulting an emergency room nurse by a patient, identified as Olson. A doctor described her as being top to bottom. She was seen via Telehealth for a mental health assessment. It was determined that she would be detained in the hospital.

In an attempt to assess Olson after the drugs calmed her down, Olson tried punching a nurse, missed it, then scratched the nurse’s cheek, causing swelling under her eye. The nurse took control of Olson and a hospital security guard arrived to help him.

Olson had previously been convicted of offenses categorized as domestic violence in Scott County, including fifth degree assault, on August 21, 2020; fourth degree assault of a correctional service employee on August 21, 2020; serious offense fifth degree assault on April 7, 2020; two serious counts of domestic violence on September 9, 2019; and offense of assault in the fifth degree on September 28, 2015.

Fritz Busch can be emailed to [email protected]

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Abs Pp luggage market to grow steadily until 2027 – Canoom


Understanding the influence of COVID-19 on the ABS baggage market with our analysts monitoring the situation around the world.

The Global Abs Pp Luggage Market Market Research Report 2021 is a professional, in-depth and comprehensive study of the current situation of the Abs Pp Luggage markets around the world. It estimates and predicts the market and analyzes its various trends. This report focuses on the Abs Pp Baggage of the global markets especially North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, Latin America, East Central and Africa. This report categorizes manufacturers, regions, types and applications supported by the market.

Abs Pp Baggage Market report is a detailed investigation of the current situation in the global market, covering several market dynamics. Abs Pp Luggage Market research report is a resource that provides current and upcoming technical and financial details of the industry to 2027.

Get a sample PDF report @ https://marketstrides.com/request-sample/Abs-Pp-Luggage-Market

Manufacturer Detail:
Samsonite International SA, Tumi Holdings, IT Luggage, Rimowa GmbH, VF Corporation, MCM Worldwide, Louis Vuitton Malletier SA, Briggs & Riley Travelware, VIP Industries,,

The ABS Luggage Market Trend The report also offers the vendor structure and the corresponding detailed analysis of the major vendors in the market. The Abs Pp Baggage market report analyzes the market potential of each geographic region based on growth rates, macroeconomic parameters, consumer purchasing patterns, and market demand and supply.

Segmentation by product type

20 inch luggage
22 inch luggage
24 inch luggage
28 inch luggage

Industry segmentation

Specialized retailers
Factory outlets
Internet sales

This report also splits the market by region:

United States
South East Asia
Middle East and Africa
GCC countries

Check the discount for this report: https://marketstrides.com/check-discount/Abs-Pp-Luggage-Market

Scope of the report: –
The scope of the report consolidates an in-depth examination of the Global Abs Pp Luggage Market 2021 with the apprehension given to the advancement of the company in specific regions.

The Top Organizations report is intended to provide our buyers with an overview of the most compelling players in the business. In addition, data on various organizations exposure, benefits, net benefit, vital activity and more are presented through different assets, for example realistic tables, diagrams and information.

An overview of the information relating to the geographic indicators included in the report:

  • Data on consumption rates in various regions.
  • During the forecast period, consumption rates in all regions are expected to increase.
  • The market share of each region studied in the report is expected to increase.
  • Regional contribution and income generation in all regions.
  • The expected growth rate of each region over the expected duration.

Access the full report with table of contents @ https://marketstrides.com/report/Abs-Pp-Luggage-Market

About Us:

Market strides is a global aggregator and publisher of Market intelligence research reports, equity reports, database directories and economic reports. Our repository is diverse, covering virtually all industrial sectors and even more so each category and sub-category within the industry. Our market research reports provide market size analysis, insight into promising industry segments, competition, future prospects, and growth drivers in the space. The company is engaged in data analytics and assists clients in due diligence, product expansion, factory setup, acquisition intelligence and all other goals through our research focus.

Contact us:

Company Name: Market strides
Contact: Nikolai Egger
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 856 677 8909 (United States)

Man arrested in stolen car with stolen purse in Willits – The Ukiah Daily Journal


A Lake County man was arrested last week after allegedly driving a stolen car containing a handbag stolen from a Ukiah woman, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reported.

According to the MCSO, a deputy spotted a stolen red Ford Ranger pickup truck with an RV shell on Highway 20 in Willits around 3:30 p.m. on September 26 and triggered a traffic stop. The driver, identified as Joshua T. Colcleaser, 35, of Nice, then allegedly jumped out of the vehicle, which had been reported stolen in Lake County earlier in the day, and fled the deputy.

As law enforcement searched for the suspect, the vehicle owner recovered his truck, which contained items that did not belong to him. One of the items was a purse belonging to a Ukiah woman who had reported it stolen to the Ukiah Police Department earlier today.

A further search of the vehicle also reportedly revealed: “two plastic bags containing suspected methamphetamine in the front passenger seat and two used glass pipes in the vehicle, commonly used to ingest controlled substances.” Also inside the truck was a box of ammunition, a cell phone, a drone, a brown wallet and a hunting license in the name of another person from the Bay Area.

After that the callers began to report the location of the suspect on the freeway. On the 20th, officers from the Willits Police Department arrested him and he was arrested by the MCSO for possession of: a stolen vehicle, stolen goods, a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia and resisting the ‘arrest.

He was held in Mendocino County Jail without bail.

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TELFAR Announces Coveted 36 Hour Bag Safety III Program


In a limited time, TELFAR allows buyers to create a personalized bag of their choice, to be shipped in the spring of next year.

In a limited time, TELFAR allows buyers to create a personalized bag of their choice, to be shipped in the spring of next year.

Ready, ready, run – in fact, take it back, sprint—To TELFAR for the third edition of the coveted Bag security program. From October 5 at 12 p.m. EDT through October 6 at 11:59 p.m. EDT, the fastest buyers will be able to order a personalized bag of their choice, which will be shipped directly to the lucky buyer on March 31, 2022. TELFAR, Founded in 2004 by Telfar Clemens in New York City, is a black-owned gender-neutral fashion project that has made and continues to make waves in the fashion industry. With a pop-up and surprise business model, TELFAR is shaking up the traditional collection release format and it really works.

Rightly regarded as the ‘Bushwick Birkin’, exclusive TELFAR handbags arrive as quickly as they sell. With many TELFAR drops selling out in minutes, hard-to-obtain handbags have garnered a cult following. This Third Edition of the Bag Safety Program (BSPIII) is a pre-sale event allowing customers to create their own shopping cart and choose the size, color and quantity without any limitation. The personalized bag may not come instantly, but next year’s spring arrival date is certainly worth the wait, for a bag made just for you. BSPIII excludes collaborations and silhouettes outside the cart, but allows customers to pay in four increments with Klarna.

The 36-hour shopping window, running October 5-6, is integrated and featured on TELFAR TV (TTV) for an even more interactive experience. Performances, announcements and surprise guest calls to chat with Clemens are broadcast on the 24-hour Live-Linear television network. In collaboration with the Ummah Chroma Collective (“community of color”), this 1.5-day BSPIII event on TTV shows a sample of what viewers can expect to see on the network in the future.

Without concrete content, TTV allows viewers to participate in the creation and development of the channel by sending their own videos. TELFAR explains that “we’re tired of being content for other channels” and picks up the story on its own network. Viewers can expect to see live broadcasts, news and announcements about upcoming drops, videos from other TELFAR fans, the community, and exclusive drops – a targeted drop that’s available at random times. and not advertised throughout the day – which will not be available elsewhere. Moreover, it will be the only way to get the new and much anticipated sports bag.

    Image courtesy of TELFAR

Whether you want to stay on top of everything BSPIII, the upcoming drops, or the TELFAR community as a whole, logging into TTV is the safest way to do it. Available on television platforms via the App Store, Apple TV, Roku and Google Play, or on TELFAR dedicated web page, get involved in the host community at any time of the day.

“It’s not for you, it’s for everyone” TELFAR declares on his site. To be part of the TELFAR community with your own shopping bag, go to designated site now. The clock is turning.

    Image courtesy of TELFAR

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Toronto designer creates party-ready streetwear clothes from vintage Raptors gear


Toronto fashion designer Channa Francis doesn’t do typical Raptor swag. Shining effortlessly ‘cool’ in chunky-rimmed yellow-tinted aviator sunglasses, a cropped red windbreaker and chunky gold hoops, she told us about her streetwear brand’s latest collection, Channa karasi.

Francis started recycling vintage Raptors jerseys in 2019 after being commissioned to create a custom bodysuit for Killa Kels, resident DJ at Toronto Raptor’s Jurassic Park. People loved it, and interest sparked in Francis the idea of ​​creating a larger collection. She got to work sketching out concepts, sourcing materials from Kijiji, eBay, Facebook Marketplace and local stores, then grafting and stitching the pieces together to create “The Deconstructed Collection.”

The 4-piece drop included a long and short-sleeved bodysuit, skirt, and sweatpants in sizes from XS to XXXL. She also launched face masks at the start of the pandemic, bralettes and a capsule collection of swimwear in collaboration with influencer and plus size fashion designer Sasha Ruddock from Seam defects. It immediately sold out.

The capsule swimwear collection sold out the same day it was released. Photo credit: @channakarasi

Francis’s eye for design started young. Her earliest memory is leafing through her mother’s Victoria’s Secret catalogs, copying the designs to create pint-sized versions for her dolls. Over time, she learned to sew and started recycling clothes for fun, turning jeans into shorts and buying basic items in Gap where she worked in high school. She spent hours adding eyelets to the side of otherwise plain t-shirts, weaving ribbon through the holes to create bolder pieces from inexpensive basics.

“When I was a kid I was really into sports, but I was also really into fashion, makeup and hair. For me, ladies’ streetwear allows me to merge my interests into a style that truly expresses who I am. When I create a piece, I design for creative and confident women who want to be comfortable but also to make a statement, ”explains Francis.

Initially self-taught, she took sewing classes in high school, then went on to study fashion design at George Brown College and fashion management at a private college in New York City.

Francis started his brand in earnest as a business in 2013, selling unisex chiffon t-shirts adorned with colorful prints. These styles exploited bright colors and intricate patterns to create an atypical streetwear-inspired look that could be seen on artists like Lizzo and Grammy Award-winning TV host. Angela Simmons.

His designs and personal style draw inspiration from music, culture and family, especially R&B and hip hop from the late 90s and early 90s, his Jamaican roots and creators like Alexander. Wang.

“People want a piece of old, authentic culture,” she says of the appeal of using vintage swimsuits for the looks in her collection. Styles like the “Past Present Future” track pants – Channa’s favorite – or the Throwback skirt, achieve just that.


The sweatpants are made of nylon, mesh inserts on the front, side pockets and an adjustable stretch drawstring at the waist, knee and ankle, incorporating player names “Carter” and “VanVleet” »- an ode to the team’s past and present.

The skirt is made up of the waistband of the retro white Raptors shorts, paired with a loose jersey knit skirt that can be dressed up with a heel for a night out or dressed up with a sneaker and jacket for a more casual look.

Both items feature the old purple and red logo with the new black and gold colourway.

For those looking to copy the entire Raptors collection, you’re out of luck. The coveted line is sold out, but Channa takes custom commissions if there’s a part you’re dying for. Regarding the design of a similar collection with different sports teams in the future, Channa has no current plans.

“You want to leave some things in the past as a designer. So I don’t know if I’m going to relaunch the collection or branch out with different jerseys. Having said that, people have certainly asked.

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Bigg Boss 15: Tejasswi Prakash does BB his bae to get luggage; Jay Bhanushali and other junglewasis tease him


The Bigg Boss 15 house has been split between the house and garden competitors. The competitors in the garden are called the junglewasis and they are to be fed by the roommates. The competitor’s luggage had been taken by Bigg Boss on the very first day. Therefore, the applicants must remain without their elegant clothes and makeup. Tejasswi Prakash had a new idea to retrieve his suitcase and other competitors are seen enjoying it.

In the show’s recent promo, Tejasswi Prakash is seen saying Bigg Boss is her baby. She says: “You must declare our love to the world”. She adds: “Do you like to see me like this? Do one thing you make our clothes. She makes a funny expression and acts like Bigg Boss isn’t listening to her. She says baby don’t listen to her and do nothing. To this, Jay Bhanushali adds that “Inse hota hi nahi hai” and Vidhi also adds that he is “Sakht launda”. Everyone is seen laughing in the garden.

See the promo here:

In the previous episode, we saw that the junglewasis and BB’s roommates were seen getting into a major fight. There was a heated argument between Jay Bhanushali and Pratik Sehajpal. For this reason, Pratik was seen smashing the property in the house. Bigg Boss will declare today that all junglewasis are nominated for the week. It will be interesting to see the reaction of the competitors to the announcement of the elimination.

Also Read – Bigg Boss 15 Teaser: Tejasswi Prakash Looks Sizzling Due To His Glamorous Look On The Prime Minister

Virus hits retirees’ purses – the East African



As life slowly returns to a new normal after nearly two years of a global pandemic, almost everyone has had to adapt and embrace, where appropriate, survival.

Places and social lives could be fully serviced, but there is a group of people who will have to adapt more than others.

These are retirees and people who have retired or have been forced into early retirement due to job cuts.

Rwanda, like many African countries, lacks a structured minimum wage policy, exposing many workers to exploitation and paltry pensions, if any, upon retirement. For many, the pandemic has accelerated the suffering.

Take Bitiriki Mark for example. The company he worked for sent him on a one-year early retirement and halved the salaries of others following cuts brought about by Covid restrictions.

According to Rwandan pension law, those who have worked for at least 15 years are entitled to a monthly pension of 30 percent of their gross salary before retirement.


But the calculation is based on the average gross salary earned in the last five years prior to retirement, which is why Bitiriki chose to take early retirement before the pay cut, which would have reduced his retirement benefits.

As he sought payment, he found that the company had not made all of its contributions to the pension plan. It ended up being a laborious process, which ended up in court, delaying his benefits and costing him money he hadn’t planned to spend.

“This is the worst time to retire, the price of a lot of things has doubled, the internal pressures are at their highest. This is not how I envisioned the start of my retirement. The benefits pensions are so small, and we don’t even know how they’re calculated.

Some retirees in Rwanda, for example, earn as little as 7,000 Rwf ($ 7) per month, a situation perpetuated by the lack of a minimum wage, which determines how much a person earns and therefore how much they earn in retirement benefits.

And now the pandemic has made workers more desperate and more open to exploitation by employers. They accept biased employment conditions.

Then there are the retirees who had no safety net, even a meager monthly allowance, and who depended on their children to support themselves. The pandemic has struck and that support has disappeared with the loss of jobs and businesses.

It has become difficult for retirees to support themselves, but they also have dependents, while others are in poor health.

There are a lucky few whose pension plans give them medical care, but at a cost of 15 percent of his pension package.

African Biraboneye, the general secretary of Cestrar, Rwanda’s umbrella trade, said that although the pandemic has made the pains of retirees worse, many problems predate the virus.

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