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Lil Nas X wore a dog handbag to the WSJ Innovator Awards


TO WSJ Magazine‘s Innovators of the Year Awards Monday night, there were looks, then there was Lil Nas X, who arrived in a bespoke, black and white Thom Browne ensemble, leather puppy handbag. Selected by WSJ Magazine honoring is musical innovation as the star of the november cover, we’d be remiss not to recognize the fashionable superstar’s many contributions – and if we’re specifically talking about last night, we have to revisit this bag and these Rick Owens shoes.

As a fashion pioneer, Lil Nas X’s looks always give us food for thought – and they don’t need to be paired with gold armor or a cape to inspire us. In this case, it’s a less-is-more dress-up lesson, all with some powerful accessories. The crisp white button down pants and black pants, with a pleated black skirt and a cleverly layered coat on top, grab attention with their subtlety, all about fit and proportions. Then, as if to say, “I’m here to have fun too,” Lil Nas X threw on clear heeled Rick Owens platforms and a puppy handbag, which turns out to be a perfect accessory for kids. photos – not to mention great way to show off a cool manicure and a handful of silver rings. Which he did, of course. See the entire look here, because it deserves to be seen.

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