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Delta unveils first express pre-check in lobby and baggage drop in Atlanta: Business Traveler USA


Improved facial recognition allows travelers to use only their ‘digital identity’ for security and boarding

Delta Air Lines has announced the opening of the first Delta-TSA PreCheck express hall and baggage drop-off at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport starting next month. The process extends the airline’s use of facial recognition capabilities to streamline the airport experience.

Customers use their “digital identity” – made up of their SkyMiles membership number, passport number and known traveler number – to check in baggage, go through security checks and board their flight, all without showing official ID or paper boarding pass.

The hands-free, device-less process begins in the airline’s new dedicated lobby, located next to the rideshare depot on the lower level of the South Domestic Terminal. After registering on the Fly Delta app, customers verify their identity via a facial scan, print and attach a bag tag from a self-service kiosk, and place their bag on the conveyor.

Then, in nearby TSA PreCheck reserved lanes, customers will once again use a quick facial scan to pass the national checkpoint, eliminating the need to produce government ID or boarding passes.

At the boarding gate, another facial scan will allow customers to board; again, no boarding pass is required. In Atlanta, the T1-T8 gates will be the first to offer a facial recognition option for domestic boarding.

Customers with an active Delta SkyMiles subscription, known traveler number, and passport details saved to their profile can sign up for the curb-to-door digital identity experience when checking in for their flight using the Fly Delta app.

The carrier says participation is voluntary. Flyers who choose not to register can go through the airport as they normally would. Delta also points out that it does not record or store any biometric data, “and does not plan to do so.”

Byron Merritt, vice president of brand experience design at Delta, says the new system gives customers “more time to enjoy their travels by unlocking streamlined, transparent and efficient end-to-end experiences.”

Delta is the first and only carrier to test this experience with TSA and TSA PreCheck, according to Greg Forbes, general manager of airport experience at Delta. Forbes points out the deployment of biometric technology by the airline at ATL which dates from 2018.

“This element of the customer journey is made possible by our strong partnerships with TSA, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and airport leadership, which were built over years of testing and refining the options. facial recognition for international customers, ”said Forbes.


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