Bella Hadid walks out with monogrammed designer luggage

Today’s most stylish celebrities – Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian West, Bella Hadid and others – see each new trip to the airport as an opportunity to dress up. Don’t expect these frequent travelers to don comfy tracksuits for a long-haul flight, instead, they check in adorned with the latest designer items. And it makes sense: with the paparazzi constantly chasing them, it’s a strategic fashion move that ensures every snap is flattering.

Photo: Bottom grid

Yesterday Hadid took this idea to the next level. But it wasn’t his tasteful athleisure that stared the show, rather it was his statement baggage. The model carried two ultimate travel companions: personalized luxury hand luggage, both monogrammed with its first name. On the way to New York City airport, she pulled out a matte black four-wheeler, Off-White x Rimowa, with a Christian Dior bag large enough to hold just about all the in-flight essentials. You can imagine. (It is perhaps in this document that Stephen King The foreigner?)

In addition to her statutory luggage, Hadid sported other chic accessories. At her feet, for example, were floral-print high-top sneakers from Dior, which complemented this label-loving aesthetic. Meanwhile, in his ears, Apple’s wireless AirPods ensured a tangle-free take off.

Watch Bella Hadid visit a stable and talk about modeling and riding: