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How a loan helped me finish college

Sofia was always one of the best students in her class. He was responsible, dedicated and proactive. Reason why, upon graduating from college, he was awarded a scholarship to study marketing at a private university. This covered 75% of the tuition and 50% of the monthly fees for the first four years.

In order to cover the rest of the monthly payments

In order to cover the rest of the monthly payments

Save for the last year in which he would no longer have such help and financially support at home, Sofia worked in an advertising agency during the day and went to study at night. It was a bit complicated for her because she had to work every day and ensure that she maintained a good average that would allow her to maintain her scholarship. However, his determination was greater and he managed to have the best points throughout his career.

The fifth year of university arrived and everything went according to plan; Sofia had saved a total of Q25,000 to pay for the part of the monthly payments that the scholarship saved her in previous years and expenses that her thesis and graduation work would bring.

Have an emergency operation due to a car accident

Have an emergency operation due to a car accident

At mid-year, his mother had to have an emergency operation due to a car accident. In which, because she did not have medical insurance, Sofia had to use all her savings on hospital expenses and recovery therapies.

Using her expenses for her mother’s well-being did not bother Sofia at all, however if she worried about finishing college that same year since in her same job she had been offered a higher position once she graduated from the career.

When he recalculated his expenses for the university, he realized that he needed Q11,000 to cover the last monthly payments and Q7,000 for thesis and graduation expenses, in total, he needed Q18,000 to be able to continue his studies.

Friends and acquaintances suggested that she delay her studies for a year while she and her family stabilize financially.

Other options to continue in college

Other options to continue in college

However, Sofia knew that there were other options to continue in college and that she didn’t really have to delay her studies.

She looked for options everywhere, until three days before being assigned to the last semester she learned about Good Finance credits. So one asked for the amount he needed and it was delivered 48 hours later. Just in time to pay the tuition and be assigned.

Today, Sofia managed to finish paying her Impulsa -t credit, she has a degree in marketing and has a management position at the agency where she worked. Now, he plans to study a master’s degree next year.

For Sofia, the Good Finance loan was an investment that helped her continue her professional and personal career.

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